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Default Re: presidential debate

The sad part is, like I said in another post, is that it's all about celebrating who won or lost the debate. The fact is, that when one of these bozos gets elected, we (the American people) are the ones that lose. We deserve to lose too, as we can make a true change if we wanted to.

Posting all of these cutsie pictures and right wingers this and left wingers that has nothing to do with fixing what's really broken... the two party system. It has Congress dead-locked (least productive Congress ever, I believe), and people touting how they are voting for Romney for the single, solitary reason to stop Obama from being re-elected. Everyone that's posting on the political topics sound like smart people... I just can't understand how you all stick so blindly to your Dem v. Rep banter and don't see that this is about something bigger than Obama and Romney.

The system is ****ed up and is in dire need of repair. If anyone on this board actually thinks we're going to get drastically different results if Romney is president, I think you're crazy. All those discussions on here about Obama adopting or recycling Bush's policies will turn into threads about Romney recycling Obama's policies.

With that being said, This is really about the fact that I just didn't have any cutsie photoshopped pictures to post. So carry on.
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