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Default Re: Ed: Tomlin Wanted to Sign Vick With Steelers

Originally Posted by jjpro11 View Post
he had one good year.. he's been his same old inconsistent self since then. I still can't stand him and am glad the Rooneys never gave in. What the hell would he have done here anyhow? He can't hold Ben's jock. An overrated video game hero. I don't care if goes out and throws for 400 yards Sunday. It still won't change my opinion of him.

What? Ben is lucky he's still capable of holding his own jock strap; lets not forget all the drama this guy has caused the past few yrs. Two rape accusations; no, he was never convicted, but where there is smoke, there is fire. I don't care for Michael Vick as a QB, never has; personally, I think the main reason he went down is due to his arrogance. Playing in Pittsburgh? I couldn't see that; but what amazes me is this, #7 being accused twice of raping two women and he's still on the team. I don't trust that guy, something with him isn't right too.
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