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Default Re: ...and here come the Steelers shooting off their mouths and acting cocky

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
I always laugh at any players talking shit before games, especially when they're on losing teams

but you could be right, this is probably Tomlin playing 3 dimensional chess and our REAL attack is going after Nhamdi
Fxxking A.

This goes back to that "young money" crap we were discussing in another thread. As a fan of this team, and the prestigious history that it carries, I sure as hell wish our guys would take the high road and just STFU. At 1-2 and 3rd place in the division, they have NO ROOM to be talking crap on anyone at all-- especially not the guy who hucked up the ball twice in the last outing (and I am a die hard Brown fan).

I couldn't even believe what I was reading.

Do the talking on Sunday with your pads, not on Thursday with the press. "Young money" indeed..... Learn from Heath-- he makes a big play and goes back to the huddle. THAT is a consummate professional.

At least Cotchery showed class with his comments. I can now see why he does not play for that trainwreck in the Meadowlands anymore.
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