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Default Re: The Steelers Defense: Extreme Makeover Needed?

I agree with pretty much everything in the OP except the piece about Hood and Woodley.

Hood is not the sack machine or tackling machine one would expect out of a 1st rounder, but out of the 3 guys starting on our Dline this year, he has been the best one thus far. He owns his gaps and is more than adequate-- he just does not produce splash plays. Notice all the big runs other teams have gashed us with this year were off the right side almost exclusively. Woodley and Hood have controlled their side of the line of scrimmage well.

Woodley is our only proven pass rusher right now. We have no idea what the rebuilt Harrison is going to look like this weekend. if it is anything like the one that showed up in week 1 last year, we aren't any better off than with Carter or Worilds.
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