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Default A Football Life: Cleveland '95

I just finished watching it.
Didn't want to continue discussing it in the Presidential Debate thread and thought it could potentially get messy.

Blast Furnace.

I was only 15 years old at the time and while my buddies and I watched the NFL pretty religiously I just don't remember the Browns for some reason being on the verge of a Superbowl, but I suppose teams that `might` make it are forgotten as the years go by.

But I learned a lot.

I had no idea the extent to which the Baltimore Ravens were essentially Bill Belichick's bastard child. That gives me sort of an uneasy feeling. According to everyone who was a part of the Ravens organization the year they won the Superbowl, it sounds like Belichick may as well have been awarded a defacto Superbowl ring for their team winning.

That.... really.... sucks.

The entire success of the Ravens organization belongs to Bill Belichick.
"Bastard child" seems about as accurate a term as you can get to describe the situation. I hate the Ravens even more now than I did two hours ago and I didn't know that was possible.

And to think... the Dynasty, the Superbowls, the wins, the organization, the lasting legacy of success that will now guarantee the Patriots continue for years and years as one of the most competitive football teams in the NFL, taking its seat at the table with all the classic teams with a lasting tradition of success...

...That could have all been for the Browns had Art not ripped the heart out of Cleveland.

This was probably the best episode of A Football Life i've ever seen.

I was expecting a sympathy story for Art to try and lay the groundwork for snaking him into the Hall of Fame but it was more about a Cleveland and the genius of Bill Belichick.
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