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Default Re: The Steelers Defense: Extreme Makeover Needed?

Originally Posted by BengalDestroyer View Post
I'm pretty sure Hood is in the wrong spot, he's not a 3-4 end, he's a 4-3 tackle... Foote should not be the starter, however Spence is out, and no one has any faith in Johnson (who is huge, I was at the home opener this year and he's a hitter!)

Maybe we could switch to a 4-3...

Def. need to see MORE Cam Heyward, the guy's a F*^$%# beast

Def. need to see more McClendon as well, the guy deserves it and Hampton's the the Big Snack he used be
Larry Foote has been our best defensive player thus far. No other LB on our roster is better in run support, and he is one of the few on our defense that looks to have been playing with any intensity the last few weeks.

I never understood why Foote never gets any love in the Steelers fanbase. He has been a solid, if not impressive middle linebacker for most of his carreer with us.

I def agree on Cam, Mclendon, and Hood though.
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