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Default Re: ...and here come the Steelers shooting off their mouths and acting cocky

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
maaaaan **** brandon boykin!

who the hell cares if the steelers receivers say theyre going to snack on him?

comparing a 4th round nickel back part time player to tom brady is rediculous. i remember plenty of times the steelers were dead silent and got their asses kicked by the patriots just the same.

i also remember j. porter calling that scrub jerame stevens his bitch and then going out on the filed and making that mental midget look like it.

you meant to tell me all the steelers need is for opponents to call cortez allen a "pudding cup" and he will start taking over and winning games for us?

get real.

mike vick called casey hampton "big snack". put that on your BB's
+1!!!!! Boykin should be scared shitless! Young $$ ate up CB's waaaaaaay better than him!
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