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Default Re: NFL QB's talking on Facebook.

Since you opted to unfairly post a photo shopped picture of Brady in a skirt, implying that he's a sissy quarterback, which couldn't be further from the truth, I feel inclined to shed the light of truth on that false narrative by Patriot haters and you and a lot of Steelers fans here aren't going to like it. Never the less, everything I'm going to say is 100% true.

Big Ben may play through injuries but he sure as hell goes far out of his way to let the media know it everytime, which is why Steelers fans think he's so tough. Ben has never so much as had a hang nail in this league without making sure you and I and everyone else knows about it so when he plays we know "how tough he is."

Tom Brady plays injured every single season and yet Tom Brady goes out of his way to NOT let the media or anyone else know how injured he is.
Tom Brady bears his pain and it leaks out weeks later about how he's been playing hurt because Tom Brady isn't the sympathy ***** that Big Ben is.
That is 100% true and throws a pretty big monkey wrench in the "Marsha" tag you people unfairly throw at him, proving it to be nothing more than a fabricated slander.

Brady has had multiple surgeries after every season, year after year. On his shoulders, on his ankles. on his knee. He was injured two different times last season in two different places, with real debilitating injuries, and he didn't say a single word about them and they didn't come out until after. He was reinjured in the Superbowl last year and didn't mention it once to use it as a narrative for an excuse. Never the less, he not only plays through this unknown adversity, he wins through it.

Brady is far tougher than Ben. Brady doesn't go out of his way to let people know when he is in pain. He doesn't sit in the Patriots locker room and tell reporters how hurt he is. He just says "we have to play better as a team and make more plays," whether they win, lose, or draw.

Tom Brady is one of the toughest, if not THE TOUGHEST quarterback in the entire National Football League. I know that might sound amazing considering how much Steelers fans and others have repeated the "Marsha" mantra to each other so often that in your minds it's become true, but the simple truth is it isn't.

Here's two near identical hits.

In this one Big Ben doesn't get up, he lays on the field for a half an hour and then later was quick to tell everyone how hard the hit was (Mr. Sympathy.)

Here's Tom Brady getting Goldberg spears by Denver:

Sure it hurt like hell. But he maintains possession and gets right back up to his feet. Tom Brady doesn't need your sympathy. He's got a game to win.

Oh, and just a reminder, when Pollard exploded Brady's knee and ended his 2008 season, most FOOTBALL PLAYERS (forget Quarterbacks, FOOTBALL PLAYERS) would have been driven off the field on the back of a cart.

Tom Brady walked off the field on his own two feet.

Tom Brady is a $&#^ing beast, pretty boy or not.
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