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Default Re: Steelers-Eagles Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by Rick5895 View Post
Thankfully this is the NFL and those things really don't matter.
They may not (should not) matter to the players and how they play the next game, but it definitely matters when your picking the outcome of a game. If you can't beat bottom feeders then there's not much of a chance you can beat a division leader either. I'm not saying that because the Eagles have beat good teams that we are going to lose to them, I'm saying that our team either has to make huge adjustments or it is highly unlikely that they would beat a much better team this week when they couldn't even put together one meaningful defensive stop in the 2nd half of the Raiders game.

It may not seem like it but I'm slightly optimistic, not about playing like we have and beating the Eagles (I don't see us beating anybody playing like that), but about the defense making a change and at least not looking like a 30 something ranked defense. Tight man and maybe a little added pass rush from Harrison and the defense will be good enough for the offense to beat anybody. The personnel isn't here for a top ranked defense, but it is for a top ranked offense, we just need to get at least a few stops on defense BOTH halves.
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