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Default Re: Ryan Mundy fined $21,000 for hit on Darrius Heyward-Bey

As for the hit, by today's standards it was a fine-worthy hit. A KO straight to the face that leaves the WR completely unconscious is the exact thing the NFL is trying to prevent (for legal reasons as mentioned). That's in Goodel's world, in the football world that every body knows but him, it was a great hit that ensured an incompletion. I don't know if Mundy could have pulled up or not, but it doesn't matter, in Goodel's world it's still a fine and in the football world that every body knows it's still a good hit.

While on this subject, have you seen the way they are teaching kids to hit these days? It's the exact way I was taught not to hit. I played JR league's, high school, and college, and no coach (or even an assistant) EVER would have allowed someone running around hitting with their heads pointed back and getting their necks cracked backwards. Is there some new science behind this or something that I'm not aware of, or are they really trading head blows for spinal injuries?
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