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Default Re: Snoopdogg Top 10 Reasons he ain't votin for Romney

crickets? hardly...

today happens to be one of the 2 days/year trinity site is opened and they allow buses to take the people out on tours. being that ive driven right by dozens of times and its really much ado about nothing, with nothing to see or do, i figured i'd take the 180 second drive up to the International Space Hall of Fame for the full length, feature film at the IMAX,"Trinity and Beyond, The Atomic Bomb Movie". A very cool film for nothing else than all the footage that was declassified for its making. To quote yer boy Snoop, it was "da bomb", not to mention the chili cook off held in the parking lot.

it looks like you had a productive afternoon youtubing snoop dizzle and undoubtedly several other desperate reaches for any amount of anti-obama propoganda you might stumble upon.

but to get to your point, i am not voting for obama but can address your query. your ilk likes to blame gas prices for doubling since his election (must not know how to really study and discern information from a basic stock chart) so i am certain you will be just as intellectually honest and give him the same credit for doubling the DOW, right? how many trillions is that worth? ans since you blame him for the economic crisis bush left, i am certain you will give him the same credit for ending the war in iraq and nailing osama bin laden.

your quite a guy, vincent!

as for your GOP heros mccain and bush, theres no way i could vote for a gambler who would risk being 1 bullet away from putting that twit palin in the WH. romney? i dont go to racist churches or churches of false prophets and actually read the bible. even though Jesus basically ran a cult himself, i'll pass and distance myself and my vote from country from the likes of koresh, manson, romney and the latter days saints and the rest of the satanic New World Order GOP.
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