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Default Re: Congressman calls evolution lie from 'pit of hell'

what a moron.

anyone who believes the bible in its literal sense (according to the geneology) knows the earth is 5000-6000 yrs old.

never mind the fact that the 6 days creation are measured in "God days" not earth days. after all, one really cannot really measure a full day before the heavesns, earth, sun, moon, and stars are all created, right?

never mind the fact that the creation in genesis does a great job of summarizing evolution even though fool proof scientific that birds spawned reptiles has yet to be fully discovered and embraced (understandable being that evolution is still pretty much and infant science and correlating bones are now harder to find than galaxies in the infinite sky).

never mind the fact that the "man made in HIS image" was man with "knowledge" at the dawn of civilization in the tigris-euphrates valley where man was blessed with the gift of cultivation and domestication along with a real culture.

i wont even get into the whole false premise that adam and eve spawned an incestuous family.

the literalists find conflict with the historical and scientific facts. i find reassurance and confirmation, not from what i am told, but from the truth of word that lies within.
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