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Default Re: Snoopdogg Top 10 Reasons he ain't votin for Romney

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
but to get to your point, i am not voting for obama but can address your query.
I thought I detected a glimmer of sanity trying to peek through some of your posts.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
your ilk likes to blame gas prices for doubling since his election (must not know how to really study and discern information from a basic stock chart) so i am certain you will be just as intellectually honest and give him the same credit for doubling the DOW, right? how many trillions is that worth? ans since you blame him for the economic crisis bush left, i am certain you will give him the same credit for ending the war in iraq and nailing osama bin laden.
You assign rhetoric to me here that I think you have inferred from the larger public discourse.

If intellectual honesty is the order of this thread, and a doubling Dow is indicative of a president’s success, then you must confer that same accolade on Bush as the Dow tanked to 7286 and then rose to 14164 within a 5 year window during his administrations. But what do the fortunes of the 30 Dow companies say about any administration other than how they fare in various economic environments. Personally, I don’t care about the Dow as I hold no stock in any of its component companies, and I don’t gamble.

The more reflective indications of a presidents success are measured in the economy and the well being of the citizens. As long as we’re being intellectual honest here, we need to acknowledge that the GDP grew from just under $10T to just over $14T on Bush’s watch, or 40%. We stood at just over $15T at the end of 2011, or about 6% on the Kenyan’s watch. The economy has not recovered and 8+% (“official”) unemployment has not abated on the Kenyan’s watch, both rendering a failing grade. Bush averaged 5.12% on his watch. The Kenyan has averaged 9.27% unemployment.

When you speak of “ending the war in Iraq” what do you mean? While we have ceased Gen 2 operations, the war rages on, terrorists blow things up, people get killed, and we are no less involved than the day “the war ended”. What day was that, BTW. I must have missed it.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
as for your GOP heros mccain and bush, theres no way i could vote for a gambler who would risk being 1 bullet away from putting that twit palin in the WH. romney? i dont go to racist churches or churches of false prophets and actually read the bible. even though Jesus basically ran a cult himself, i'll pass and distance myself and my vote from country from the likes of koresh, manson, romney and the latter days saints and the rest of the satanic New World Order GOP.
“My ilk”? "Heroes"? For the record, I have been registered independent in my adult life and this will be the 11th presidential election I have voted in. Aside from Dutch, I have not been compelled to vote for a candidate, but rather have been left with no choice but to vote “for” the lesser of evils. Don’t infer that my criticism of the Kenyan is anything but that as I’m probably less impressed with the Republican party over the last 40 years than you are. But the alternative is unacceptable.

"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress & the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution,
but overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."

Abraham Lincoln
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