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Default Re: Snoopdogg Top 10 Reasons he ain't votin for Romney

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post

You assign rhetoric to me here that I think you have inferred from the larger public discourse.

“My ilk”? "Heroes"? For the record, I have been registered independent in my adult life and this will be the 11th presidential election I have voted in. Aside from Dutch, I have not been compelled to vote for a candidate, but rather have been left with no choice but to vote “for” the lesser of evils. Don’t infer that my criticism of the Kenyan is anything but that as I’m probably less impressed with the Republican party over the last 40 years than you are. But the alternative is unacceptable.
you would be right.

i am familiar with a bit your personal political background and pretty much just lump some of what i perceive as general judgemental hate speech into the group i see doing much of the same.

personally i dont really believe the GOP is the "party of satan" any more than i do the left is the party of islam/satan/communism/whatever.

mocking ones beleifs with extremist, tongue in cheek, sarcastic, satire of my own, may not be the best way to get the point across to how rediculous i think both stances are.

i believe the simple take that money is the root of all evil and most in politics have blood on their hands.

my (and i assume our) belief in satan and evil is nothing but a moot point to the majority of this country who i believe are athiests, of a different religion, or non practicing Christians, anyways.

for my part, i can assure anyone that despite some of my very liberal stances, i dont worship satan or beieve in communism, and if you admit the same, i can take you at your word for it. i have had friends who have openly praised satan, and one who has pledged their soul, so i am familiar with the whole routine.

i believe in the good news that has been written more than any "party of man".

if someone wants to lump me in a group based on what lever i pull on election day, that is fine.

personally i believe in the constitutional separation of church and state and could care less who romney or obama worship.
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