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Default Re: Week 5 heroes & goats

Without a doubt the hero is Mendy ... I will admit I had doubt before the game! Great runs by Mendy though! Without his yardage we lose that game!

Hero runner up goes to several ... BB, Timmons (gawd I hope he keeps playing at this level!), Brown (when he actually caught the ball), Heath (who is ALWAYS clutch!) and Harrison (for playing with passion on his first game back!)

The goat ... EVERY player who drew a penalty! We gave up over 100 yards in penalties today. Even if the Refs are against us, which I believe they are ... a lot of those penalties were called correctly.

Goat runner up ... those $!*!#@ refs! Seriously! Call the game fairly. I know many are calling goat on Wallace, but he was getting held on many of his routes!

Disappointments are the injuries to Woodley and Polamalu. I heard (albeit from a Poopstain fan) that Polamalu said he likes to be around the guys and to practice, but doesn't care much for playing anymore. Anyone have info on that? Because I smell bullsh!t from a jealous fan!
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