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Default Re: Week 5 heroes & goats

Well Mike Wallace dropped a couple, imo that he shouldve had. However since everyone including Ike taylor is allowed to have a bad game here or so I have read, I'll givehim a pass. Hopefully that is Mikes bad game. Brown had a drop or 2 as well not a stellar performance from him either.

Colon loves the penalties, still.

Now my Favorite weekly GOAT.... Drum roll please.

For the 4th time this year in as many game. IKE "let me just grab'em"TAYLOR. No matter what WR he goes agaisnt he either gets beat or is called for a penalty. Maclin beat him, Jackson beat him. The stats need to start adding in the penalties on PI's to the yardage a shut down corner gives up. Randall Gay has played better than the great Ike Taylor.

Mendy had a great game and deserves the ball, but equally, bringing a running game back didn't exactly provide us with a stellar offense.A win is a win though.
Was that pass a lateral to Mendy? I have yet to have time to look at it, it only cost me 15pts in fantasy, LOL
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