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Default Re: Week 5 heroes & goats

What a comeback!!!

I must eat some crow: he is really good. [Although, I still say that I would have preferred Ray Rice in the 2008 draft... but, let's not rehash that debate.]

On a day where some players looked apathetic, Droppy was was insane!!! What a difference.

NOTE: I eliminated the nickname Spinny (although, the "spin" is still at the end, as a reminder of what used to be).... and changed his name to Droppy, when he had that asinine fumble. Seriously, he could possibly have run for a 70-yard TD, but instead, decided to bounce the ball off of his thigh. Droppy... why must you do things to make me cringe!?! You were awesome... don't make me angry. I guess that even Picasso needed something upon which to improve.

Great, great game. Purpose, power, and speed. Reminds me of when he shredded USC...

2009 'Nuff said.

Zero effort on deep end-zone pass

Two other drops, one on third, that would have kept a critical drive alive.

Called for a dumb penalty.

As my brother stated: "The Steelers were smart; they gave the right guy (AB) the money."

I have been a huge supporter if Wallace, but he drew forth my ire today. As my friend & I were texting to each other: "F*ck Wallace!!!"... )at least for today).

Some of his blocks... wow!!! The dude is a beast... with smooth hip turn & fluid feet. Really though, his blocking is what we all envisioned: meeean.

Alas, he held FOURTEEN times!!! What!?!... it was only four!?! Well, it FELT like fourteen.

Not a goat, but, falling down sucked. That TD would have been huge.

Similar to Cotchery: not a goat, but he dropped (a difficult) TD.
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