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Default Re: Week 5 heroes & goats

Originally Posted by Curtain_of_Steel View Post
For the 4th time this year in as many game. IKE "let me just grab'em"TAYLOR. No matter what WR he goes agaisnt he either gets beat or is called for a penalty. Maclin beat him, Jackson beat him. The stats need to start adding in the penalties on PI's to the yardage a shut down corner gives up. Randall Gay has played better than the great Ike Taylor.

This wasn't one of his better games. I saw some saying he "Shut down" his targets, but really he was lucky he didn't draw a few more PI calls. The announcers a few times rolled replays where he all but had a saddle on his WR and didn't get flagged. There were at least 3 blatant holds he got away with today.
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