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Default Re: Harrison this sunday

Originally Posted by OX1947 View Post
As a football fan, you have to put things in perspective sometimes. Players like Silverback and Polamalu have put years in and they put in their heart, soul and body. Their games are not easy to the body. They both play like wrecking balls. I came to grips a couple of years ago that Troy will not be a Steeler too much longer. Silverback, this might be his last. They have had amazing careers, won super bowls and top awards and pro bowls, at some point, you gotta realize that there will be an end. We may be seeing it now.
Exactly why I hated that we were wasting all that talent on offense for the past five years. We could have had a shutdown defense and a top five offense, and chose not to address the glaring offensive issue. It actually disappoints me in sympathy for the defensive players who had to go out and rescue the offense game after game, year after year, and then have the offense put them in the position to give up the winning score.
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