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I agree. I personally like Troy but it just seems to me lately that a lot more NFL players are crying wolf over a small injury. Look at Big Ben...busted ankle, broken thumb and bruised ribs and the man was out on the field playing every play. And then you see these guys get a bruise or an elbow sprain or a sore foot and they are out half the season. I used to play football an probably would have gone pro if I had not quit to follow my dream I'm living now and let me tell you...I played hurt all the time. With passion and desire and all heart...nothing will keep a player off the field. When you have a super star take a bench it hurts moral and seeing how awful our offense and especially our defense have been failing every play just about we need all the moral and passion we can get. It just seems like none of them have the drive or desire to win. They run slow, block lazily and don't catch the damn ball. Just my two cents though. Just my opinion and view.
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