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Default Re: Week 5 heroes & goats

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
One thing is for certain : our FO is never going to offer him more than they already have. Especially after its become painfully obvious in the last few weeks that we'll have to invest very, very big money in our defense over the next few years (more than we previously thought).
He may get it somewhere else.....but it ain't happening here.
Trade him to the Jets. They may be desperate. Wallace is no big money wr. He"s too streaky and today he showed no interest; although he was held on at least 2 or 3 plays that should have been called.

Goats. The refs!!! I know some of you guys jumping on Ike; that was no pass interference just like that personal foul on Mundy was a joke. Bad day for the stripes.

Heroes. The running game!!! Allof them. Job well done!!
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