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Originally Posted by defence View Post
I have a SERIOUS question. How the heck are you a mod on this board?? SERIOUSLY!! Have some class and tone down your language a bit. It's a message board; you are not going to agree with everything people are gonna say. People come here to express there thoughts. You sound like a bright guy; don't ruin your reputation with those kind of responses. Just a thought Tony!!
from the SF code of conduct-

2. Do not make needless, incessant usage of:

-Line breaks or ALL-CAPS.
-Nested quotes.
-Giant fonts.
-Bad language. Mild cursing is tolerated in moderation, but be careful of your tone, especially against fellow posters.
my tone was more of shock than anger or abusive language towards a fellow poster. no different than you saying "heck" in my mind.

when it comes to enforcing the COC i grant myself the same leeway, i would grant anybody else, whether they been posting on this board for a month or 10 years.

thank you for bringing about your concern in a respectful manner and not trying to moderate the board yourself (as stipulated in the COC).

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