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Default Re: Recapping the Steelers 16-14 victory over the Eagles

yea our defense is a mess..... we won a game we should have lost. I'll take it.... the win buys us a little more time to right the ship. We should not be overly confident from this win... it's true if Vick wasn't a butter fingers we lose. If our goal is to win playoff games we have a LONG way to go.

I have yet to hear an explanation from a reputable source in the know as to why our defense is so horrible. Some plays it looks like our D-line is just getting blown off the ball... others it looks like our LB's are too slow or easily blocked. Our ILB's were really struggling to get to the outside early in this game. Then on pass plays we struggle to get pressure and our corners seem to beat like a drum when left alone. The loss of Troy's speed is really glaring as well. I just don't see an easy fix on defense.
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