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Default Re: Week 5 heroes & goats

In all fairness, that game would have been a rain out if it was The Pirates. The ball was scooting out of everyones hands. A few dropped passes certainly doesn't surprise me based on those conditions.

Mendy gets my game ball all the way.

We could have easily won by scoring 6 TD's:
1. Cotchery tripped on his own feet
2. Ben overthrew a wide open Heath.
3. Mendy had a clear run to a TD before fumbling it out of bounds
4. Antonio Brown couldn't hold on to an endzone pass.
5. Wallace couldn't catch that little blooper Ben threw to him (he catches it, he's gone)
6. The one TD we did get from Mendenhall.

The only reason I will give a goat to Wallace is not for his dropped passes, but for his Illegal Formation call that negated Mendy's 22 yard scamper in the first quater. Mendy would have broken 100 yards rushing if not for that.

This should have been a clear blow-out. Why do our Steelers have to consistently make it look harder than it really is? Hell, I'll take the win.
"We're a road team. We're the Pittsburgh Steelers. We have fans everywhere." Troy Polamalu

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