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Default Still panicking? Thoughts

- A lot to be encouraged about from yesterday's game. Our running game looks to be revived by the return of Mendy, who I admittedly have never been a big fan of. After the first three games of the Redman/Dwyer/Batch/Rainey experiment, however, I am getting close to changing my tune.

- Ben is in the midst of a career year, no TD's yesterday not withstanding. I predicted this before the season and it is coming to fruition. He has evolved greatly as a player, teammate and leader since his suspension brought him back down to Earth. He gives us a fighting chance in any game, anywhere, and that is invaluable. Wideouts were a little sloppy yesterday, but that was an aberration in my mind.

- Timmons! That is all.

- Are we ever going to get Woodley and Harrison on the field at the same time? Dating back to last season, its been one or the other hurting every damn week. Like others have said, however, I was encouraged by Worilds' performance yesterday.

- Hate to say it, but Keisel looks more than a step slow. He performed well last season, but this may be the beginning of the end for Da Beard. It's a damn shame, but also a fact of NFL life.

- Ryan Clark is just a missile, and a key cog of our defense. The flag on him yesterday was most likely warranted, but was anyone else very impressed with the sheer force with which he came into that play? I've always been amazed that a guy in his frame, undrafted no less, can stick as hard as he does.

- Troy's injury was just bizarre, the way he seemed to just being walking and pulled up limp all of a sudden. Very strange, and we are getting to a point where we have to wonder if he will be able to contribute in a big way at all this season. At any rate, it's a safe bet to believe we wont' see him until Cincy, at least.

- So, here we are. We lost two games by essentially 9 points, both west coast road games which we all know are a little more difficult to win. Our defense looked much improved yesterday, as did the running game and Ben continues to chug along at the highest level he's ever played at. Barring a major disaster, we'll take care of the Titans Thursday night, then rest up for a big game in Cincinnati. We win that one, get to 4-2, and we have another home game where we'll be the favorite against Washington. 5-2 heading into a big showdown with the Giants? I'll take it. Always keep the faith, Steeler Nation. We're a cut above most franchises in this league. Never count us out.
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