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Default Re: Polamalu ruled out for Titans game

Originally Posted by Curtain_of_Steel View Post
I dont think this injury is the end of a career or career threatening. the problem is, he is injured to much.

Preseaon Eagles game, he never stretched one bit from 5pm till kick off. I sat in a box there with an Eagles exec and a TV Anchor with my family. He joked around, tossed the football, like tossing a football is a requirement for a safety. Not one stretch, not one run, nothing. Sure you can say he stretched before he came on the field? Sure... Which wouldve been 3 hours before kickoff. Not acceptable. One can't make the argument either that Troy knows his body, lol.. considering he is injured constantly. He should know the importance about stretching.

The reports are "its time" because he is constantly breaking down.
I can't remember the details now, but I seem to recall a couple years ago an article where Ikey Taylor and a couple others, who rarely miss games, saying they tried to convince Troy to come with them for their training routines, and Troy basically blew them off. Anyone else remember this? Coupled with all the reports that he does zero warmups or stretches, is he just no longer concerned with his level of health and performance?
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