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Default What we learned in week #5.

The Patriots are the class of the AFC.
They continue to get not only YOUNGER but BETTER. There is no organization in the NFL that even comes close to rivaling the New England Patriots.

Ring # 5 incoming.

Watching the Patriots on a weekly basis, I have seen my share of no huddle offenses. Playing Manning once or twice a season all through out the 2000s, I have seen my share of no huddle offenses.

Never have I see a no huddle offense work at such a high speed as I witnessed last night. Many foolishly chose the Denver Broncos to represent the AFC this season in the Superbowl.

New England completely humiliated them. New England completely out classed them. At no point was the game even in question, with 200 of Manning's yards coming after he was down 31-7 in what was essentially garbage time.

Denver had no idea what was happening to them. Brady was snapping the ball so quickly the Broncos couldn't even line up properly. On numerous occasions they were caught with too many men on the field. Complete Bronco confusement ensued. When asked if it was even possible to go any faster, Gronk replied that it probably wasn't, because the "officials were slowing them down."
This high tempo offense complimented by a deadly, very high caliber running attack will be impossible for anyone to stop.

And all this with about 8 of our very key players out on injury.

A complete one sided, decisive, dominant OUT CLASSING of the team many picked to go to the SB, lead by a Hall of Fame quarterback who had nothing for us.

AFC Teams fighting for a post season position are really only fighting for a chance to be humiliated by the New England offense which is the most dynamic and balanced it has ever before been.

Lights out for the AFC.

They're be nothing to stop us this time.

Hell, with this running attack, i'll even welcome the Giants to the Superbowl.
Get some.

The NFL has no answer.
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