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Default Re: Week 5 heroes & goats

Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
Agreed. He's gone after this year, unless he cuts his pricetag in a big way. On the bright side, next year we should have the salary cap close to being in hand, and get some fresh stars onto the D, perhaps. If DeCastro and Adams pan out, we can maybe grab one more O-Lineman early and use the other high picks for defense.
DeCastro has already panned out. He's injured, but he's already established himself as our best offensive lineman other than Pouncey. Nobody else is even close to those two right now. I'm still high on Adams, let's see him progress!

Otherwise, ughhh. Starks is doing what he does, holding down the position adequately. Foster, Gilbert, Colon - all below the line. We need Willie to learn the snap counts. At least that's realistic; learning how to pass protect doesn't seem to be achievable. We need Gilbert to get his head right. Foster - what can you say, other than frustrating. You keep thinking he's going to take the next step, then he gets beaten like a drum.
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