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Default Re: What we learned in week #5.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i will admit the patriots have been blessed with a very favorable schedule. playing in the nfc east, they have the division crown locked up week 1, as soon as they step on the filed.

weve all seen how they crumble when they have to play a team like the ravens.

despite the easy schedule, the chickens will come home to roost and odds say they will eventually have to deal with some injuries of their own, just like every other team has.

there are stilll plenty of teams in the AFC capable of punching tom brady in the mouth, and several offenses the pats defense will struggle with. sure the patriots look great on paper offensively going for it on 4th down in "garbage time". no other team does that though.
I don't know how you can say that. We got totally screwed by the officials in the Ravens game.

The Packers got screwed against the Seahawks in ONE play and they complain and whine. I'm not bitching about one play. If you let the game come down to one play you didn't necessarily deserve to win, which is why I don't make a huge stink about the Gronk phantom hold calling back the game winning touchdown against Arizona.

But the scabs in Baltimore were either intimidated by the crowd or just completely incompetent, sustaining not one but THREE (count them THREE) drives that NE stopped dead in their tracks that turned into scores.

The Ravens shouldn't even have been competitive in that game.
You can say that i'm making excuses but let me tell you the truth:

I am not in the slightest bit intimidated or nervous about facing the Ravens again. We completely out played them and that was with half our offensive line out and Hernandez out.

No team is invincible. I won't lie and say I never get nervous about a game, or a match up, but it's no lie when I say i'm not sweating the Ravens. Not this year. We're going to dominate them so hard in the post season their idiotic week # 3 celebrating moronic fans won't know WTF just happened.

We're going to end their season and we're going to do it a lot more convincingly than we did in 2011.

The Ravens were competitive with us in the AFC championship game because they could just clog the middle of the field and we had nothing else. We had no running game. We had no sideline receiver. Our options were limited.

The Patriots have averaged 250 rushing yards there last two games.
You know football, Tony, I know you do, and you know how dangerous that is with the New England Patriots.

Look what happened to Denver. Tom Brady torched them in the air the entire first half until Denver had to adjust to prevent it, at which point we rammed our running backs down their throats so hard they didn't know what to do. All of this coming in a lightning speed no huddle offense that looked like an offensive blitzkrieg.

This is the missing piece for us. It's always been the missing piece for us. Real running backs capable of bursting through holes and getting real yardage. 8 yard carries. 12 yard carries. 15 yard carries.

We can now close out games. We can now dominate the time of possession. We can dictate the pace of the 4th quarter when we have a lead and close games out without having to make completion after completion after completion. It takes Giant and Raven like pressure off our offensive line and Tom Brady.

This is the missing piece.

This is our year.

And we don't have as much of a "Patsie" schedule as you claim. We played the Cardinals, the Ravens, the Broncos, we have to play the #1 defense Seahawks in what is probably the most hostile stadium in the NFL, we play the Texans, we play the 49'ers. Despite all that, we're going to finish 14-2.

Play the pass we're going to ram our future pro-bowl running backs down your throat for 5 yards a carry. Play the run and we're going to torch you over the middle.

This is the most dynamic offense we have ever assembled.

And we aren't even using Hernandez yet.
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