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First I did not mean to get the two of you into a fight. Second you have to admit a lot of teams have players crying wolf over an injury a simple bandaid would fix and thirdly I want to retract a few comments I made earlier about the defense coaching.

While watching the Texans and Jets game tonight I came across some information I was not aware of. Now I still out a large portion of blame on the defensive coaching (in their words "we are going to try some different things this year...") but I heard a phrase made by a defensive coordinator to a few defensive players. "Come on guys...we have a chance to make these guys into meatballs but you have to run the plays the way I have coached you! It has worked for 15 years. It doesn't fail! I'm begging you...please for god's sake just run the plays I taught you. I'm begging you!"

So I think that sums it up. Apparently there's more to the bad defense then just bad coaching.
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