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Default Re: What we learned in week #5.

And another thing about the Ravens.
Ever since the scabs got kicked to the curb the Ravens have looked like absolute shit.

I know, week # 1, week #3, some of you were probably a little concerned about getting swept by the Ravens this year. Dreading it even.

The dirty little secret here is that the scabs were handing them so many yards on bogus penalties, free 1sts and 10s, phantom PI calls on long Flacco bombs. It would be damn near impossible NOT to look good when everything is for free.

Since the real officials have returned, what have the Ravens done? Barely beat the the 0-5 Browns. Barely beat the Chiefs in a lousy field goal battle.

Despite all Pittsburgh's shortcomings this season, you guys aren't getting swept by the Ravens lol.

The Ravens don't scare me. We scare them. And despite all their shit talking, they'll remember that come post season time
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