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Default Re: DEFENSE????

no worries...

troy simply isnt that type of player. he has talked about turning down offers to become an endorsement wh0re in the past, simply because he didnt need all the extra cash. naturally, the head and shoulders gig is too good to pass up and one that will most likely advance his career beyond football.

troy has also not been shy about his dedication to the game and teammates. he wont short change them and has absolutely no problem walking away when the time is right. its simply not in his character to cry wolf just to collect a paycheck.

you note the DC imploring his defenders to play within the system that has worked for 15 years. this is exactly what larry foote was talking about when he said some of the players dont trust lebeau [or the system- implied].

things should get better. troy, james, and woodleys appendages will heal and the younger players will continue to learn...
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