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Default Re: What we learned in week #5.

scab refs or not, the ravens won yesterday on a blown call, when the refs blew the whistle early and wiped out a raven turnover.

scab refs or not, the ravens beat the steelers in pittsburgh when the refs refused to blow a whislte on a final second PI call on torrye smith (blatant and obvious).

scab refs or not, atleast 25% of the ravens yards gained since joe flacco came in the league are from toss up balls that draw BS PI flags. youve seen it...

as for hernandez, he is a glorified frank wychek. he benefits from being way down the trough and teams that have put a lesser degree of gameplanning into him. kinda like how welker has benefitted being a 3rd slot wr. it works though. im not gonna knock it. teams could esilly gameplan and shut down hernandez every week, but the penalty would be paid in huge gains to gronk or the primary wr.

that doesnt mean he is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
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