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Default Re: Polamalu ruled out for Titans game

It TRULY pains me to say this, but I absolutely fear the writing is on the wall and this could be the end of #43 and his career as football player and Steeler....Time moves on, and the style he has played all these years takes it's toll on the human body, regardless if your are one of the best ahletes to EVER play the game....Troy just can't stay healthy anymore, he just can't....True he played in all the games last year, but if we are being honest, MANY of those games I'm sure many of you Steeler fans out there thought and said to yourself watchin' those games last year just like I did "Where's Troy" even though physically he was out there....And when you have a certain same injury that just keep re-occuring time and time agin, well really JMO, your body is tellin' ya something....Man, I hope and truly pray I am wrong, and Troy finds a way to get past this and continues his INCREDIBLE career as a Steeler, and continues it at a level he his happy with and still contribute to the black and gold winning....Time will tell, and I'm rootin' for Troy as much as anyone, to see him back doing what he does, and doing it healthy....Fingers crossed, lol.
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