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Default Are my seats alright?

<-- That's me!

New member to the SF forums, but a black and gold fan since birth! I haven't been to a game in years so I have a question for those of you with more experience than me.

I got tickets for the Sunday night game against Baltimore. My father doesn't know it yet but I picked up a pair and I'll be taking him for his birthday.

They're section 521 (bleacher, I know) row W. A little over halfway up, right? I've got $250 in the pair. Are these seats alright considering what I paid?

I checked everywhere online and couldn't afford most of what I found. There were some in the same section, further up, for more money! I don't mind the endzone view and my dad will be thrilled just to go. Just curious what everyone here thought. Thanks in advance!

P.S. Does anyone have any photos from 521 by chance?
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