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Default Re: Big Ben refuses to let Steelers collapse

Originally Posted by austinfrench76 View Post
The reality lately has been that BB hasn't stepped up in these situations so I'm just glad he engineered the drive this time. I have said many times on this board, I take BB over any other QB in the league but with the last 2 mins in the GB SB, the Denver game this year - both situations where we have the ball and an opportunity to win the game and he didn't get it done. And yes, there are multiple palyers involved and it's not a 1 man sport BUT look at every team in the NFL that is worth a damn. They have a very good QB and the one's that don't, aren't! BB matters more. It's just a fact.
BB has (arguably) the BEST comeback drive in SupeeBowl history (XLIII).

The end if XLV was a calvacade of bad plays after bad plays: running the ball out if the end-zone (instead of using those 7 seconds for BB); Keyoran Fox's personal foul; not calling a time out in order to get on the same page (Wallace ran the wrong route); et cetera.

The DENV play-off game, BB drove them into game-winning FG range... only to be sacked three times, taking them out of FG range (those sacks occurred milliseconds after the snap, when the O-line became a sieve).

The BALT game, it felt like PITT took their foot off of the gas (once they crossed the 50), and then PITT couldn't get that final first down that would have sealed the victory. True, BB didn't connect on the final third down, but those last five or six plays (compared to the first four or five if that drive) felt & looked different: playing not to lose.

In both play-off games, before XLV, BB made critical completions (long completions) in order to seal those victories. While they weren't "come from behind", they were just as impressive.
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