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Default Re: Haley's effect on Ben

Originally Posted by lipps83 View Post
I still honestly think that if it wasn't or Arians, this team could have won 3 consecutive super bowls. 08-09-10.

Arians handicapped this team so much.

I am happy with Haley, just would like to see the running game pick it up.
He's working the running game in. He's not going to lose a football game to force the run. His best RB for the first 3 games was the third down and short yardage back with an injury that is obviously slowing him down. We don't know that Mendenhall is 100%. All we know is that he is healthy enough to play and he looks good like himself when he is carrying the ball, good and bad, (tuck the friggen ball away Mendy!). They may still be concerned with running the wheels off of him at this point.
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