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Default Re: Penalties and Pass Rush

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
oh great,

here we go again with the mythical "blank stare/deer in the headlights look.

why are steelerfans so obsessed with this catchphrase?

hes a black man with big orbital sockets and eyeballs. theres nothing he can do about it. i guess steelerfans wont be happy with his look unless he is constantly smiling ear to ear, or screaming mad, spitting like cowher.

maybe tomlin just needs to remember to put on his "gameface" anytime the cameras are rolling...

Thank you, amen brotha! It drives me crazy when people say that about Tomlin. Like you said, that's just his face, and the notion that he doesn't show emotion is just plain wrong. Did anyone see him when the Jet game was winding down, screaming at all the guys on the bench, "WOO! WOO! Tha's wusssup!" I thought that was AWESOME. Tomlin, whatever you want to say about his x's and o's and player development, etc. is a man of emotion and a great players coach and leader. We are lucky to have him.
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