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Default Re: Interesting survey

This survey tells me several interesting things, albeit within the context of the limited responses I've seen in other fora. Not surprisingly, Romney led in most of the responses I've seen, but not by much. Gary Johnson is consistently at about 85-90+%, and Virgil is right up there as well.

Results group those three so close together revealing that there is broad appeal to the three. The Kenyan is the odd man out in the results. Gary Johnson has clout among Romneyites. If the Pubbie powers that be had given him a chance it might have been over already. I suspect he would appeal to a very broad base. We'll never know.

And one more thing. All these respondents have been called righties or right wingers. Perhaps relative to those using the labels, they are to the right, but their positions on specific issues say they're "mainstream".

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