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Default Re: Penalties and Pass Rush

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
Tomlin is a good coach, but ever since he took over the Steelers have seemingly become more and more undisciplined each year. There are times he needs to stop being buddy-buddy with the players and kick ass when they take these stupid-ass penalties.

There was a fear factor when Cowher was coach when the players ****ed up. There needs to be one with Tomlin.
Yah, the Steelers were also allowed to tackle players when Cowher was coaching. Now, you have to let them catch it, let them come down, wait for them to face north, then wrap your hands around their waste otherwise you will be called for headhunting even though you hit them in the chest or shoulder. By the way, you have to do all this within 0.1 seconds. **** the NFL, honestly, if it werent for the steelers, i would have turned in off two years ago.
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