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Default Re: What we learned in week #5.

Originally Posted by steelax04 View Post
I equate the Patriots no-huddle offense and trying to snap the ball while the defense is just getting back to the line to that kid that always said "I'll race ya!" and started running before the word race even hit your ears. Kind of douchebaggy, imho.

If they're that good, they shouldn't have any problem running a no-huddle that at least gives the other team some respect to line up man-to-man and play football instead of gimmicky college type of bullshit.
The offense sets the pace of the game. If the opposing defenses can't get their act together to keep pace with the New England's new lightning fast blitzkrieg than maybe they should go find some bush league to play in.

This is what a elite offense looks like.
Not `Green Bay Elite,` no.. the elite of the elite, best of the best.

Your post just sounds like "boo hoo the Patriots are too fast for other teams."

Good article the football X's and O's fans might be interested in on the Patriots new lightning speed attack strategy.
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