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Default Re: What we learned in week #5.

did you all forget?

patriots were still awarded a 4th ring for their 18-1* season. so what if it was roger goodells c0ck ring currently on display lodged in robert krafts throat? the memory of SB glory is still all the same in patfans minds.

the pats are this years version of the 2011 packers or 2005 colts.

after not being tested for 12 straight weeks, or even having to come from behind to secure a victory, the team will be awarded a by-week of rest they dont even need. then a battle tested team will walk into their house, punch them in the mouth, and send them home crying once again.

thats why in teh past 7 years teams like the steelers, packers, and giants have won superbowls from the 6 seed, and teams like the patriots, colts, and packers havent done jack shit as the #1.

to me!
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