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Default Re: Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial: Wallace???

Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
I'm personally not mad about his performance. He gives up a lot, especially when things aren't going his way. This dates back to the entire second half of last year, and I noticed him completely give up on multiple plays yesterday. Wallace's performance isn't an issue in my eyes. He may have less yards than Brown, but he also has three touchdowns. It's his heart and determination that worry me.

It's not just me, either. Several people have noted that he gives up, not to mention he catches everything with his chest and rarely extends his arms to make grabs out in front of him. But, again, it's not his stats that worry me. Not at all. It's his effort.

Wallace's TDs or yards or receptions are not what people are concerned about; it's Wallace's lack of effort. Very DeSean Jackson-esque... both of whom are amazing talents, but have shown that they will "give up."

Another name: Eric Green... laying on the ground... in the 1994 AFCCG... at the 3 yard line... as opposed to getting up (or even rolling) into the end-zone.

And, spot on. Wallace catches the ball completely wrong. He'd be twice as good, if he extended his arms. When he allows the ball to fall into his chest, it not only makes a drop more likely, it negates his height, which allows DBs to bat away passes easier.

I saw a sports science (or something on ESPN) about Megatron, and how he caught the ball at the pinnacle of his leap. Add in his ridiculous arm span, and he had a 14 inch advantage over any DB in the league. Conversely, again, Wallace catches the ball at chest level, which allows DBs easier access for knocking the ball away... especially on jump balls (a battle that never seems to go his way).

Furthermore, considering the angle of a ball arriving at his chest versus the angle when arriving at his extended arms, it negates some of his speed. He "has" to be 3-5 yards ahead if a CB (which he usually is), because he catches the ball so low; if he caught the ball with his arms extended, he'd be nearly unstoppable (i.e. even when "covered", he'd be able to make the reception)... like 16 TDs type of unstoppable.

The attitude could be just one game. We can hope that he was just in a funky mood. Hope... hope... hope...

The arm thing has been there from day one. If he could correct that... again, wow!!! ...he'd be a truly great player. Alas, I'm sure that the coaches have worked on it; ergo, it's probably just who he is/how he's going to always catch the ball.
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