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Default Re: Penalties and Pass Rush

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post

one day the steelers woke up and suddenly got extra sloppy?

or one day roger goodell woke up and told the refs (and especially replacement refs) to keep REALLY close eye on certain teams who have drawn his ire.

i know which theory holds more credence with me.
That's the thing, it hasn't happened over night. It has been a trend for the past five or six seasons.

Who's fault is it that Colon holds? Who's fault is it that Golden runs down the field out of bounds during a punt return? Who's fault is it that AB false starts? Who's fault is it that Wallace lined up in an illegal formation?

Ryan Clark even admitted later on that he was wrong for hitting Celek late on that play he got flagged for. Goodell is inconsistent, but these penalties are mostly self-inflicted by the Steelers themselves.
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