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Default Re: Steelers are looking past Titans' RB Johnson

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
I think the reason why the Steelers usually look lackluster on the road against a bad team is the fact that they ARE afraid of losing. They play not to lose instead of playing to win, well, the Defense does.

They come in tight and conservative, not letting the game get away from them, when in fact they are letting the game get away from them by letting the bad team hang around, instead of just playing.

Against Oakland, the Offense was loose, but the Defense was tight and scared. The Defense played very conservative and the Raiders burned it.
In the past it was only Brady that dinked and dunked through the Steeler defense. Now other teams are catching on and lesser QBs are pulling it off. The Steelers finally beat Brady last year because they were aggressive.

A defense can only do so much with X's and O's. It's more about pressure and aggressiveness. Could they get burned a few times playing like that? Yeah, but haven't the Steelers gotten burned playing scared quite a few times already?

Would you rather have Timmons drop back into coverage, or have him in the other teams backfield wrecking havoc?
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