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Default Re: Tackling the catch

Originally Posted by maddog78 View Post
Or ignore the fact that opposing QBs have a 100.9 rating against this defense (25th in the league), 62.4% completion rate (18th in the league), thrown only 1 INT (28th in the league), been sacked 8 times (24th in the league), thrown 8 TD passes (19th in the league).

The defense is allowing 22.2 points a game (16th) while the offense is #2 in TOP.

If the offense goes into a slump and has a series of 3 and outs, do you trust this defense?
Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
Also ignore the fact that most of the teams that had an early bye are filling in the top slots, because they have an entire game missing in these totals. Look at something meaningful, like points scored against us per game, where we rank 16th in the league. We're averaging 23 points against us per game.

I don't care if we've only given up 9 passing yards the entire season, the points we've given up is what matters most. Our W-L record reflects this.
I was not ignoring anything. I was pointing out positive statistics so that they don't get swept under the rug during the "Dick LeBeau sucks and every defensive back on the roster needs to be cut" parade that occurs every time the other team scores a touchdown. The topic of the thread is that the tackle the catch philosophy, which LeBeau has always used, including last year when they led the league in yards and points, is all of a sudden terrible because of two bad games in the first quarter of the season. Not only is the idea shortsighted, but it's a knee-jerk reaction after only 4 games. Should they be playing better? Yes, and they probably will. But does that mean that all of a sudden the scheme that has worked since LeBeau has been here no longer works just because one offense scores 34 points and another scored 25? I'm inclined to let the remainder of the season dictate that, especially when they have yet to play a game with their two starting safeties and James Harrison just got back.
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