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Default Re: Tackling the catch

Originally Posted by Dodens Grav View Post
I was not ignoring anything. I was pointing out positive statistics so that they don't get swept under the rug during the "Dick LeBeau sucks and every defensive back on the roster needs to be cut" parade that occurs every time the other team scores a touchdown. The topic of the thread is that the tackle the catch philosophy, which LeBeau has always used, including last year when they led the league in yards and points, is all of a sudden terrible because of two bad games in the first quarter of the season. Not only is the idea shortsighted, but it's a knee-jerk reaction after only 4 games. Should they be playing better? Yes, and they probably will. But does that mean that all of a sudden the scheme that has worked since LeBeau has been here no longer works just because one offense scores 34 points and another scored 25? I'm inclined to let the remainder of the season dictate that, especially when they have yet to play a game with their two starting safeties and James Harrison just got back.
I never said Dick LeBeau sucked and that all DBs need to be cut. That's a silly strawman argument on your part.

Last year's ranking was nice, but we played maybe the worst group of QBs one could hope to face.

And don't give me what we did against Brady. He put up 200 yards and 2 TD's in 20 minutes of football. Our offense won that game by controlling the ball for 40 minutes.

Bottom line, it's not working this year. Why no adjustments? Seems we roll out the same players and schemes and just tell them to play better. Well, it's hard to cover when you're back in zone and not rushing the passer. They adjusted after the first two drives against the Jets and it was great. Press coverage, attacking the pocket, which I argue is aided when the QB can't simply throw to a wide open underneath receiver.

If we play passive defense we'll get chewed up by the better QBs, even some that are not so hot.
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