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Default Re: New Features

Hello everyone,

Some new features have recently been implemented:

-Twitter feed on your profile
-User of the Month
-Top posters of the Month
-Auto-Youtube Embed
-Thanks Button

Allow me to explain how you can use these features...

For the Twitter Feed, simply click the "User CP" link on the navigation bar at the top of the forums, and select "Edit your details" on the left-side menu once you're in the CP. This places a twitter feed on your profile.

For the Tapatalk, simply visit our forums on your phones web-browser, and the forum should point you to the Tapatalk application. Our forum will be listed in the directory under "Sports" just as soon as Tapatalk management finds the time to list us.

The "User of the Month" feature will display a member either selected by the Staff, or voted upon (undecided), to be featured on our forum homepage in all of his or her's glory and triumph, so post frequently and be creative, this feature will be enabled on the first of November!

The Top posters of the Month feature has been added to the "Quick Links" link on the navigation bar. This allows you to go all the way back as far as 2005 to see who was the top poster of every month.

The Auto-Embed Youtube player automatically embeds ANY youtube link you post. No need to use the youtube button and enter the link anymore, just paste the link into the reply box, and you're set!

The Thanks Button is a new featured added that you can locate near the "Edit" and "Quote" buttons in the bottom-right hand corner of a post. By clicking it, you simply say Thank You to the person who posted. This is great for articles, or posts that you simply appreciated.

We'll keep these features rolling in, and thanks to all who have donated, exclusive contests and prizes are soon too come.

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