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Default Re: Week 5 heroes & goats

Originally Posted by FrancoLambert View Post
Here's some of what I saw:
Keenan Lewis losing a tackle in the backfield, I believe on a big 4th down play.
His coverage wasn't that strong either.
Mundy fanning on (didn't count) tackles.
Ike with some weak effort.
Soft coverage and late reactions. (not always the players fault I know, it can be scheme).
I think they didn't play well as a group.
after a second viewing, here is what i am seeing-

on phillys 2nd drive, ike is stride for stride, shoulder to shoulder with as good as coverage as you can get on a speedy jeremy maclin. the ball is in the air and ike starts to look back. maclin has no choice but to grab ikes arm, pull it down, and throw him off his stride. the refs call pass interference on ike. 1st and goal.

next play is quick pass right off the line of scrimmage to jeremy maclin. keenan lewis quickly closes and makes a great push that just barely keeps him from scoring. 2nd and goal.

next play is a qb keeper. vick looks to score but clark darts in like a speeding bullet and puts a helmet directly on the ball. even the strongest qb or rb probably couldnt have held on to it preventing the fumble into the endzone that the steelers recovered.

that was classic dominant defense where 3 in the secondary stepped up under adversity, on consecutive plays, and prevented a score.

it was very reminiscent of the 2008 defense where they stepped up on many occasions (along with the offense) to win games.

of course in 2008 there was a rough stretch losing to the eagles, colts, and giants in a little over a month early in the season, and people thought we sucked then and gave lackluster efforts as well.

go back and check the threads. there were plenty of people tossing in the towel, just like they are now. same as in 2005. i'll wait until were on the verge of playoff elimination before i start predicting doom, or calling out players for pathetic preformances. until then, i will blame the refs or tip my cap to the opponents for getting paid and showing up to the game ready to play as well.

oh, and keenan lewis also forced a fumble on desean jackson as well but it was recovered by eagles.
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