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Default Re: Tackling the catch

This has always been DL's philosophy. Prevent the big plays and make the opponents drive the field playing mistake free ball... DL banks on the opponent eventually making a mistake....and our play makers will eventually make a big play. When neither happens, we get our buts kicked. This is why efficient / patient QB's have plenty of success against us.

So far this year our playmakers on defense are not making plays...and the guys making the mistakes are in black and gold. What scares the heck out of me is the fact that we really haven't played anyone truly good QB's yet.

Here's what we've had:

Peyton Manning ( a shell of what he used to be , 9th ranked scoring offense)
Mark Sanchez (might lose his job soon, 22nd ranked scoring offense)
Carson Palmer (29th ranked scoring offense)
Mike Vick (mistake prone / Over rated QB on the 31st ranked scoring offense)

This is not exactly the elite of the NFL. How are we struggling to stop this? What happens when the Giants and Ravens come to town? What happens if we make the playoffs and need to stop Brady? Something needs to change drastically on defense....if not we'll be lucky to make the playoffs, and if we do it will have a similar ending to last season.
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